Friday, March 25, 2011

18 - a picture of your biggest insecurity

... or should i say insecuritIES. i'm totally insecure with my boobs! i mean, look at those melons. when you're only 5'2" an weigh 110 pounds, you don't really need to naturally grow double d's. they just make me feel fat, and i'm not really sure how that happens when you're a size 0. i'm totally getting a boob job when i'm done having children.
(marisol looks beautiful though!)


  1. Well I love boobs as a woman! So there ain't nothing to be ashamed of lol! You look no where near fat, in fact when I saw you like 8 weeks after you had Archer I thought I was walking up to a porn star. hahah <3

  2. LOL. Patrice said that she will take them if you don't want them anymore. (LOL)