Thursday, April 21, 2011

the "tuno" sandwich

i used to LOVE tuna sandwiches. but now that i'm a vegetarian, tuna is a no-no. enter the tuno sandwich. it tastes pretty much just like tuna. at least i think it does.. i don't know, it's been 3 years since i've tasted the real stuff. anyway, here's the recipe i made.

1  15-ounce can garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained
2  tbs. vegenaise
1/2  tsp. mustard
1/2 a dill pickle, chopped
to taste:
johnny salt
onion powder
celery salt
*up to 1/4 tsp. combined

mash the garbanzo beans with a potato masher or fork until pasty. stir in vegenaise and mustard. add pickles and seasonings to taste. makes about 4 servings.

nutrition facts:
(without bread)
138 calories
6 grams protein
6 grams fat

so, obviously not a whole lot of protein in the sandwich, so i just use a hearty bread. today i used 2 slices that were each 5 grams of protein!

Archer likes it too!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

peanut butter cups

so last night i had a major craving for peanut butter cups. i could hardly sleep through all the mouth watering. then i got to thinking, that i actually had a massive amount of peanut butter in my cupboard thanks to WIC. so, this afternoon, archer and i set out on a journey to the vegetarian store to purchase some chocolate chips . i got a little bit of carob for jason too.
we were ready, but needed a recipe. about a month ago, elizabeth from delightfully tacky posted her recipe for chocolate peanut butter cups and i decided to use that as a starting point.
ingredients i used:
1  cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
(i also got about 1/4 cup of carob chips)
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup sugar

*the recipe calls for confectioner's sugar, but i didn't have any, so i just ground up some raw turbinado sugar (dry) in my magic bullet. i suggest using confectioner's sugar to avoid grittyness, or, if you're going my route, GRIND GRIND GRIND and then when you think its powdery enough, GRIND some more.

first, i mixed the peanut butter and sugar together in a small bowl and set aside. *i didn't quite use 1/4 cup of sugar, and it still seemed a litte excessive. you could probably try using half that amount and it would still be tasty.
then, since i didn't have paper muffin liners, i oiled the basins in a muffin pan.
next, i heated 1/2 a cup of chocolate chips in the microwave, and then spooned the melted chocolate into the pan. make sure you bring the chocolate up high on the sides or else you'll just be making peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches.
after 6 of the wells were filled (and 2 with the carob) i spooned in the peanut butter.
finally, i heated the remaining 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and spread it on top of the peanut butter.
they then went into the fridge to cool.

they need to be COMPLETELY cooled before you can remove them from the pan. just sticking a knife down along the side pops them out pretty good. also, my peanut butter was a bit gritty from the sugar. i suggest not letting the first scoop of chocolate cool before placing the peanut butter and second scoop of chocolate so that the layers of chocolate can melt together a little better. my cups came out a little like sandwiches and the filling oozed out when i bit down, but still they were still SO delicious.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 days of pictures - recap

i guess it was fun. in the beginning i was excited, in the middle it was a little boring, and at the end, it was kind of a chore.glad it's over, and now i can go back to blogging easier about whatever the heck i want! also, since my "d" and "c" keys (and sometimes "e") are pretty much broken, it made it even harder. i just hope now i can think of things to talk about (other than just archer.=P )

Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 - a picture of someone you miss

that's macy gray. when i was 19 years old i adopted her from PAWS. she was the first dog i owned as an adult and was my best friend for 4 years. when i became pregnant, she knew somehow and insisted on always sleeping near my belly. then when i decided to make the move to hawaii, i gave her away to someone who needed her. i still needed her, but i also needed to devote my time to my unborn child (also, we weren't allowed to have a dog in our home.) she now lives happily with an old woman who spoils her rotten and has much room to run around and play. i still keep in contact with her new family, and they periodically send me pictures of her. i even have visitation rights. =)

29 - a picture that can always make you smile

i know that i just took this picture, but i know that it will continue to make me smile forever. those are my favorite two boys ever. and it was so sweet when i took this picture. archer had a high fever and was very fussy, and i went into the kitchen to get him some cold water in his sippy cup. when i came back less than 2 minutes later, he was sleeping on his daddy's shoulder. i immediately had to take a photo. one of the sweetest moments ever.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

28 - a picture of something you're afraid of

just like a little kid, i'm afraid of the dark. i can't see where i'm going or what is hiding in the darkness. freaks me out. it used to be so bad that i'd have to leave a trail of lights on in my house from room to room. but now little archer and his midnight hungriness make me face my fear every day.

Monday, April 4, 2011

27 - a picture of you and a family member

that's me and my dad. i think that's pretty obvious though, since we look so much alike. love you dad. wish i got to see you more often.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

25 - a picture of your day

that's dave behind the bar. this is what i do now on the weekends. host for a few hours, and then sit in in the bar i work at, and bs while i'm waiting for my food. not a bad gig. =)