Saturday, May 28, 2011

dear archer,

 i have been enjoying our alone time together recently very much. you are my sweet, little munchkin. but in the past couple of days, i've become very aware that you have absolutely no table manners. first of all, we do not put our feet on the breakfast table. fish faces are acceptable, but only when making said face doesn't cause your breakfast to squish out of your fishy lips. you know, you'll be walking soon, and when that time comes, i fully expect that you'll have excellent etiquette.
 i'm just kidding, bubs. i love all of your little quirks. you're growing up so fast and doing so many new things all the time, it makes me kind of sad. i had a good time with you tonight, sitting on the bed in our jammies, side by side, eating cheese cubes, and watching equally cheesy television. i don't know which was better:  you sitting there happily and quietly watching with me, or you dancing to every intro theme song.
 i know someday you'll be too cool and mature to hang out with your old mom like this, so i cherish every moment i get with you.

i love you,

Friday, May 6, 2011

circus peanuts

as a vegetarian who is also nursing a child, i decided it's probably a good idea for me to start taking some protein supplements again. just so i make sure my child and i are both getting what we need. on top of a healthy diet of course, but with an almost toddler around, sometimes it's hard to remember to eat, or what you ate!

so every morning, i've been having an orange-banana protein shake. i thought it was pretty tasty for a protein shake, and now i'm a little dissapointed. i still like that i'm getting an extra 14 grams of protein, and some extra vitamins, but it's what jason said that made it kind of awkward. i made him one of my "smoothies" and the first thing he said was that it tastes like a circus peanut! you know, those puffy, stale, orange, peanut-shaped candies. so now in the morning instead of thinking, "this is a good, healthy smoothie," i think, "i feel like i'm drinking liquid circus peanut, aka, liquid sugar." oh well, i'm not going to let that deter me.

so here's what i drink:

1 scoop of banana flavored spiru-tein
8 ounces of orange juice
martina's morning circus peanut


also, i was thinking, this will probably help me out with operation 6 strand. so, we'll see how it goes!