Saturday, June 18, 2011

i got hitched

yesterday (friday, june 17th) i tied the knot with my handsome husband jason. it was a beautiful day, and a beautiful beach wedding. overall, a pretty perfect day. =) jason borrowed and put together an archway, last minute, to make the ceremony seem a little more official, it totally did. i wish my parents could have been there, but at least jason's mom was in attendance. it was so cute today when jason exclaimed that it was our one day anniversary. i love him.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Archer M. Parzyk

last summer, i was patiently awaiting the arrival of my first child. june 24th was the day he was expected to arrive. i was a good little pregnant lady; went to work and all of my OB appointments via bicycle or foot, ate a healthy vegetarian diet, even went to the gym a couple times a week.
but since i live on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean, i decided to have my labor induced on june 17th, (one week early) so that my family could be there for the experience. both of the baby's grandmas were going to be coming a couple days before so that we could get everything ready, and have a little time together while i was still pregnant.
apparently my body had other ideas. at 3 PM, on june 14th, my water broke. it was really weird, and took me a minute to realize what was happening. (apparently only a small percentage of women have their labor started by a broken water.) immediately following, my contractions started, and were only about 5 minutes apart. it was time to head to the hospital!
unfortunately though, the moms were on an airplane and had no idea what was going on. when they landed, and turned on their phones, they were in for a big surprise!
at 3:10 AM on June 15th 2010, (9 days early, and after 12 hours of labor) i was finally greeted by the little being that had inhabited my belly for so long. (jason used to call him "the creature")
i can't believe my baby is ONE whole year old!
i love you archer, and i look forward to spending many more summers with you celebrating your birth. =)

archer, 9 months

Friday, June 3, 2011

toddler food

nothing is more worrisome to me lately (except maybe jason's trip) than archer's diet. he's in the stage between baby and toddler, and i am just clueless about what to feed the kid. babyfood is too bland and boring, and at this age, messy since he mostly wants to self-feed.
he's a very picky eater lately... he thinks he doesn't like certain textures, even when on the previous day, he gobbled up the exact same thing. it's mostly cheese cubes, goldfish crackers, and bread with various toppings on it for this kid.
the other night, i got him to eat halved cheese tortellinis with real acorn squash! and tonight it was grilled cheese and vegetable and tomato soup for us both. i added some plain cooked quinoa to the soup trying to make it a little heartier. it was good, and to my surprise, archer liked it better than his sandwich!
i've decided, with the help of, that it's probably going to be easiest to just prepare casseroles, or one dish meals, for archer to get most of his nutrition. i've found that when given the choice of two foods on his plate, he usually eats one, and throws the other on the floor. so let the cooking begin!
i'll think of some recipes, and then hopefully post them soon. =)