Monday, July 11, 2011

audiological update

as you may already know, archer has microtia and atresia of the (right) ear. he's had a couple hearing tests, including ABR (auditory brain-stem response) testing, but we still were not really sure what he could, and couldn't hear.

today we saw an audiologist who finally told us something. or at least, told me something i can remember. i knew that he had mild hearing loss in his good ear, but we didn't really know what that meant. so, here's what i got from our visit:
  • archer needs a CT scan of his head to see how well his ears actually developed inside
  • he doesn't really hear low pitched tones
  • because of his lack of ear canal on the right, he cannot tell which direction sounds are coming from
  • in areas with a lot of background noise, its very difficult for him to differentiate sounds
  • if the results of his previous ABR showed response to vibration, then he could possibly be eligible for a soft band baha hearing aid to gain hearing on his right side
  • intervention services in speech and language are highly recommended
so, there you have it. i'm happy to have a little more solid information about his condition. i love my little buddy, and i want him to be happy.

on a side note, archer doesn't use any words yet (he's a little behind) but if you ask him where his belly button is he'd be more than happy to show you!

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