Sunday, January 27, 2013

new project

so i'm wanting to start a new project.  i think it will be really fun and therapeutic, and possibly even profitable. but i need the following tools before i can start:

 - kitchen scale  (accurate to 1 gram, with tare function)
 - candy thermometer
 - deep pot (at least 6-qt, must be stainless steel)
 - mixing bowls ( must be stainless steel or glass)
 - stainless steel mixing spoons
 - hot plate

i'd be happy to accept any of these tools or accessories for my upcoming birthday. (:

can you guess what i'm making?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


so, a little over a year ago, i got the idea to open my own wine bar.  that dream quickly faded as i worked hard at my previous job, and raising a crazy toddler.  but now that i have a little more time on my hands again, the dream is quickly coming back to me!  unfortunately though, i don't know where to start in all this.  i think some deep researching is in order. (:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

crap its been a long time. again. i really miss my regular rants... blogging was so therapeutic to me, maybe that's why i have been in such a rut lately. just feeling very overwhelmed and dissatisfied all at the same time. but over the last few weeks i've made a huge effort to be in a positive mood every day, no matter the circumstances, and its had a huge impact already. i'm getting happier again but i still have much room for improvement. here's to trying!