Wednesday, February 13, 2013

27th Birthday Recap

so, yesterday i turned 27. wasn't anything spectacular, but here's what happened:

very early in the morning, i opened my first gift. it was something that i really wanted, and i'm so excited to have it. still gotta put it together though. let the soap making begin.
then i decided to treat myself, and archer, to coffee, hot chocolate, and banana bread from starbucks.  while in the drive-thru, a hard and stale, half eaten piece of old pizza landed on my windshield. who the hell is starting a food fight at starbucks!? 3 crows and a seagull immediately flocked onto my hood to retrieve the feast and solve the mystery of the pizza rain. thanks for all those talon marks on the hood.
after the beverages were acquired, happy archer gulped his hot chocolate. and immediately proceeded to vomit it back out. in the back seat of the car. all over himself. happy birthday to me. good thing i keep a spare outfit for him in the car.
then i leisurely looked at craigslist for prospective jobs, while watching cartoons with archer.
a few hours later my mom and i went to get our nails done. i went there with the intention of getting something like rose gold for my fingers and toes, and somehow walked out with bright turquoise. way to go me for picking a color that keeps me looking like a teenager. in fact, when the nail lady learned that it was my birthday she asked, "you 18?" it annoys me now, but i'm sure in 10 years i won't mind looking 10 years younger.
had a soft taco for dinner.
lastly i baked cookies, watched an episode of 'the new girl,' and received my last gift of the day. can't wait to put that to use too!

i wish i had gotten a little more sleep.
today is going to be a great day!