Wednesday, March 27, 2013

bulk foods

so on my mission to save some money, i decided to go back to purchasing some of my frequently eaten foods in bulk.  many grocers now have a decent bulk foods section.  here's a few reasons why you should try it:

  • it reduces waste  the store supplies thin plastic containers in all different sizes. choose the size most fitting to your needs, and reuse the same tub every time. (i wouldn't store the foods in it though as they aren't very sturdy.) just imagine how many cardboard boxes and plastic bags you're saving from the garbage!
  • it is cheaper  if you're purchasing things like dry beans, soup mixes, granola, etc. it will save you a lot of money. that is, if you buy this type of food frequently.  as a vegetarian i eat a lot of beans and lentils, so buying dry is the way to go.
  • helps keep your pantry organized  buying bulk permits you to buy whatever quantity of food you want.  and you can store it however you want.  i chose 32 ounce mason jars as my vessels.  i don't cook much food for a single meal, so this way instead of putting a ripped open box or bag -who knows how full- back in the pantry, i can reseal it in the jar, and easily spot what i'm looking for and how much is left.
i'm a little bit shocked that so much of my money spent is on food. i mean, a girls gotta eat, but with some planning ahead it can really make a difference with the money spent.

My Quest To Live Frugally...

ok.  i know it's not going to be easy.  but some things just must be done.  i've started to brainstorm about ways i can save money, and live a a little more efficiently, and i think i've come up with a start to a solid plan.

some of my ideas to save money are just too obvious...

  • i need to quash my starbucks habit.  i have 2 different types of espresso machines at home already!  and $5 for a drink is ridiculous.  i can make the same thing at home for like a single dollar.   not to mention, saving who knows how many paper cups..
  • i need to quit eating meals from my workplace and dining out.  $5-10 per meal for just myself is too much. especially when i can make near the same thing at home for less cost.
  • i need to establish a shorter and more efficient commute.  gas is just TOO expensive to be commuting the way that i do.
and i've realized, that using my debit card for every transaction is just a bad idea.  sometimes i'm not even sure if i have enough money for things.  i think that allotting and dividing my cash for the month, will help me spend less impulsively. if i buy gasoline in cash, and groceries in cash, it will prevent me from getting "a little extra" each time, or items that i really don't need.  i'll still pay a few bills directly from my account, like my car payment, and insurance, but since those are set amounts accounted for, i think it will be fine.

i can't believe it's taken me 27 years to realize that setting a budget is really awesome.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Arch's Ears

so as many of you already know, archer only has one ear.  well, he has 2, but one is underdeveloped with no ear canal. anyway, my dad mentioned recently the same issue that i just noticed myself last night.
archer likes to watch his "one show" after bathtime, before bed time. so, during his one show, i brought down a pillow and a blanket for him to snuggle in on the couch while watching his show. he told me he didn't want to lay down because then he couldn't hear. and i realized the way i had situated his pillow, he would have had to lay down on his open ear to see the tv... obviously i switched the pillow to the other side, and then he was happy.
but then this made me remember, that although i know he has pretty excellent hearing from his one ear, there are still some sensitive obstacles he has to deal with.
i love that kid. he's my light in life.