Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Arch's Ears

so as many of you already know, archer only has one ear.  well, he has 2, but one is underdeveloped with no ear canal. anyway, my dad mentioned recently the same issue that i just noticed myself last night.
archer likes to watch his "one show" after bathtime, before bed time. so, during his one show, i brought down a pillow and a blanket for him to snuggle in on the couch while watching his show. he told me he didn't want to lay down because then he couldn't hear. and i realized the way i had situated his pillow, he would have had to lay down on his open ear to see the tv... obviously i switched the pillow to the other side, and then he was happy.
but then this made me remember, that although i know he has pretty excellent hearing from his one ear, there are still some sensitive obstacles he has to deal with.
i love that kid. he's my light in life.

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