Thursday, January 16, 2014

we love foooood

despite the panic attack in the grocery store, tonight we had a pretty tasty dinner.

simple, was the menu.

archer and i started with dried turkish apricots. kind of a lot of sugar, but lots of fiber and protein in those little things. more of just a snack to hold him over, and get him out of the kitchen.

then we moved on to the salad.  hard egg, tomato, almonds, and dried pomegranate seeds over a bed of spinach. archer was pretending to be pop-eye, and to my surprise, i didn't even have to use the fast-growing muscle gimmick to get him to eat it. i love the leaves mom. dang it, i forgot the avocado.

for dessert, i cut the tops off of some strawberries, and whipped my own cream (with a bit of honey for hearty sweetness.) twelve strawberries disappeared in less than a minute.

i was very impressed with archer tonight. i'm really proud of that little guy; i know he's going to grow up to be a very healthy and conscious person. michael, on the other hand, had a second dessert of buffalo chicken bites followed by 2 chocolate ice cream sandwiches. when will he learn? ;)

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